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SDLG Excavators LG6400E

• LG6400E, an upgraded product dedicatedly developed by SDLG on the basis of advanced technologies and manufacturing techniques introduced from VOLVO and applicable for various harsh working conditions, is the perfect expression of premium configuration, global sourcing and delicate manufacture, full guaranteeing its high reliability and rate of return. 
• The hydraulic system is applied with the twin-pump constant power negative flow control and has the "auto-sensing operating mode" and the "single-pump/twin-pump oil supply control mode”, ensuring high working efficiency and excellent control performance of the complete machine. 
• The reinforced working devices and shortened arm are equipped, so that the complete machine has higher lifting force, higher digging force, better adaptability to harsh operating condition, shorter cycle time and higher working efficiency. 
• The electronic control systems such as EECU, VECU and IECU of SDLG’ s proprietary technology are applied, allowing the machine to operate with a variety of modes to suit different conditions and enabling energy efficiency of the complete machine. The colour LCD monitor has the functions including self-inspection, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring, ensuring good human-machine interaction and easy operation and maintenance. 
• The slewing system is applied with the large-torque and high-speed slewing motor, providing a strong working capability on slopes; the cushion valve is equipped to damp and balance the braking impact, enabling a stable slewing and a comfortable operation. 
• The X-shape lower-structure with widened chassis and the reinforced upper-structure are applied, enabling higher reliability and high adaptability to various heavy-duty working conditions. The heavy-duty guard is applied for a higher tolerability to hash conditions; and the heavy-duty chassis enhances the stability and excavation ability. 
• The bright and spacious cab features wide field of vision and good sealing effect, and is equipped with the high-end shock absorbing seat, two-stage filtration A/C (cool/heat) and silicone oil rubber shock absorber with excellent damping effect; all of them offer a comfortable riding environment. The FOPS (falling object protection system) equipped increases the safety of human and machine. 
• It is applied with the imported 13L low-speed and large-torque engine specific to SDLG, which features low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability; the techtool fault detection interface allows for easier engine inspection and maintenance; the air filter and oil filter are of three-stage and the fuel filter are of two-stage, which can protect the engine well and thus prolong its service life. 
• The traveling system of the c o m p l e t e m a c h i n e possesses lower ground pressure, which ensures stronger chassis trafficability; the crawler center frame are of rigid welding, and the track roller, the carrier roller and the front idler are applied with floating oil seals, allowing for a longer lubrication interval; the high-pressure, double-speed and large-torque travel motor offers greater tractive force. Both the travel brake and slewing brake are of wet type, providing stable braking and high reliability. 

SDLG Excavators LG660

The LG660, a product developed by SDLG through absorbing advanced VOLVO technologies, integrates advantages including energy-saving, reliability and comfort, and features flexible operation and low noise, widely usedin various working conditions like farmland construction, urban renewal etc.
1. It is applied with the imported Yanmar Euro II engine featuring strong power, proper economic and environmental performance and high reliability; Tier3 engine is also optional.
2. The advanced three-pump hydraulic systemenables precise pilot control, good combined operation ability, high operating efficiency and enhanced fine operation ability; and the hydraulic components installed in the system are of world-known brands with high reliability.
3. The travelling system of the complete loader boasts smaller ground pressure and high chassis trafficability, and the high-voltage, two-speed and high-torque travelling motor installed in the system offers high traction force.
4. The special-section tube framed cab provides wide vision, good sealing performance and great internal space, and the roof blowing is added for the A/C system, both of which contribute to a comfortable driving environment.
5. The open engine hood is equipped for the convenience of maintenance and service, and it is designed with stream-line appearance, simple but charming. The counterbalance is engineered to be bumping resistant, effectively protecting the engine rear hood.
6. The patented untra-strong understructure of bionic design is applied and its key parts are made of high-strength steel plates, enhancing the reliability and the adaptability of the complete loader to the severe working conditions.
7. Modules like booster, two-speed lifting arm, automatic idling and implement quick-change module can be configured as options to meet various requirements of customers.

Yanmark Excavators SV100

Yanmar’s excavator history started with the launch of world’s first compact excavator to the market in 1971. Since then Yanmar always has taken the lead in the industry by continuous improvement and innovation of new technologies. Now we have 2 series of models, “VIO” and “SV”, ranging from 0.8t to 10t class excavators. The “VIO” series are true zero tail swing excavators and the “SV” series are minimal tail swing excavators.

John Deere Excavators 300G LC

Excavator John Deere 300G LC (Construction-Class Excavators) -If you need to serve up more productivity, the 300G LC Excavator has an insatiable appetite for work. Loaded with a rugged EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV PowerTech™ diesel engine, the 300G LC Excavator will fast-track your bottom line. Meeting stringent emission standards, this machine delivers the best combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability without sacrificing power or torque. Optimized hydraulics yield more muscle, so you can get in, get done, and get on to the next job. Even with its extra ability, this excavator doesn't compromise the smooth control and multifunction capability that have become the trademarks of Deere excavators. And if you're hungry for even more productivity, add any of the many available options and pile even more on your plate.

Features & Specs

  • Final Tier 4-certified engine
  • Heavier operating weight adds stability
  • Larger, more durable hydraulic pumps
  • Rigid, reinforced D-channel side frames
Net Rated Power166 kW (223 hp) @ 1,900 rpm
Operating Weight31 150 kg (68,674 lb.)
Max. Digging Depth7.87 m (25 ft. 10 in.)
Arm Digging Force121–138 kN (27,202–31,024 lb.)
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John Deere Excavators 230G W

Excavator John Deere 230G W (Construction-Class Excavators) -Work has never been easier than with the 230G W Wheeled Excavator. It's the perfect "Swiss Army knife" for a variety of work, whether it's clearing ditches, repairing sewers or potholes, loading trucks, or moving Jersey barriers. Rubber tires and faster transport speed mean you don't need to load it on a trailer to travel to a nearby job or across pavement. Rugged EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB diesel meets rigid emission regulations, enabling you to work, wherever there's work — even in nonattainment areas. Plenty of street smarts, too, with the Powerwise III™ engine/hydraulic-management system, three productivity modes, and Power Dig and Auto Power Lift functions. Add any of the many available options to tackle a wide variety of on- and off-road work.

Features & Specs

  • Interim Tier 4 emission-certified engine
  • Two-speed PowerShift™ transmission
  • Short wheelbase enables maneuverability
  • Two boom options — mono or two-piece
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Net Power119 kW (159 hp) @ 2,000 rpm
Operating Weight23 290–23 600 kg (51,350–52,030 lb.)
Max. Digging Depth6.31 m (20 ft. 8 in.)
Arm Force110 kN (24,729 lb.)
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John Deere Excavators 190G W

Excavator John Deere 190G W (Construction-Class Excavators) -Looking to get on a roll? The 190G W Wheeled Excavator travels on tires, so it's more mobile and maneuverable than tracked excavators, allowing your operator to simply drive between worksites without a trailer. Its more spacious and comfortable cab comes equipped with an easy-to-navigate enhanced LCD monitor that let operators easily dial-in a wealth of machine info and functionality. Rugged EPA Interim Tier 4 (IT4)/EU Stage IIIB diesel meets rigid emission regulations, enabling you to work, wherever there's work — even in nonattainment areas. Delivering the smoothness, control, and operating ease you've come to expect from John Deere, this wheeled excavator is the real deal.

Features & Specs

  • Interim Tier 4 emission-certified engine
  • Highly efficient, heavy-duty cooling system
  • Short wheelbase enables maneuverability
  • Two boom options – mono or two-piece
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Net Power119 kW (159 hp) @ 2,000 rpm
Operating Weight19 960–20 200 kg (44,000–44,530 lb.)
Max. Digging Depth5.83 m (19 ft. 2 in.)
Arm Force87 kN (19,558 lb.)
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John Deere Excavators 26G

Excavator John Deere 26G (Compact Excavators) - Need a compact machine to get big results? The 26G's small stature and rubber tracks enable it to navigate nimbly. And its reduced-tail-swing configuration, independent-swing boom, and 360-deg. rotation let operators work with ease in tight spaces and around obstacles. But it’s not just its size and shape that make it such a valuable asset. Noticeably quiet EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV diesel engine meets rigid emission standards, so you can put it to work almost any place, any time. For cold-weather comfort, the 26G is available with an enhanced new heated cab that's even more spacious and easier to enter and exit than ever before. Equipped with standard blade and mechanical quick-coupler, plus a wide variety of optional Worksite Pro™ attachments, the 26G Compact Excavator can make a sizable impact on your abilities. As well as your bottom line.

Features & Specs

  • Final Tier 4 emission-certified engine
  • Wider entryway for easier entrance/exit
  • Improved access to side-by-side cooler cores
  • Standard auxiliary hydraulics
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Net Power14.9 kW (20.0 hp) @ 2,500 rpm
Operating Weight2770 kg (6,110 lb.)
Max. Digging Depth2.59 m (8 ft. 6 in.)
Max. Digging Reach4.63 m (15 ft. 2 in.)
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