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Hitachi Excavators ZX17U-2

Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZAXIS17U
Zero Tail Swing
Superior Operator Comfort and Safety
Powerful Hydraulics
Legendary Hitachi Reliability
Hitachi's Zero Tail Swing mini excavator range keeps your tail completely tucked in, with no overhang. So you can focus on the job in front of you instead of what's behind you.


Model CodeZX17U-2
Engine Rated Power11.0 kW (14.8 HP)
Operating Weight1 850 kg
Backhoe Bucket0.044 m3
ModelYanmar 3TNV70
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle, 3-cylinder swirl combustion chamber injection type diesel engine
Rated power ISO 9249, net11.0 kW (14.8 HP) at 2 400 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque50.2 N m (5.1 kgf m) at 1 850 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement0.854 L (854 cc)
Bore and stroke70 mm x 74 mm
Battery1 x 12 V/36 Ah
The proven 3-pump system and arm regenerative circuit have been improved to make combined operations and fine control easier and smoother.
Main pumps2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Main pumps Maximum oil flow2 x 19.2 L/min
Third pumps1 gear pump
Third pumps Maximum oil flow12.5 L/min
Pilot pump1 gear pump
Pilot pump Maximum oil flow6.5 L/min
Relief Valve Settings
Main pumps circuit20.6 MPa (210 kgf/cm2)
Third pumps20.6 MPa (210 kgf/cm2)
Pilot circuit3.9 MPa (40 kgf/cm2)
Hydraulic Cylinders
High-strength piston rods and tubes. Cylinder cushion mechanisms provided in boom raise circuits to absorb shocks at stroke ends.
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 hydraulic cylinder dimensions
Hydraulic pilot control levers for all operations.
Mechanical linkage control levers only for variable legs.
Hight-torque, orbit motor. Swing circle is single-row, shear-type ball bearing with induction-hardened internal gear. Internal gear and pinion are immersed in lubricant.
Swing speed8.9 min-1 (8.9 rpm)
Tractor-type undercarriage. Welded track frame using carefully selected materials. Side frame extended by cylinder span.
Numbers of Rollers on Each Side
Lower rollers3
Travel Device
Each track driven by a high-torque, 2-speed axial piston motor through planetary reduction gear, allowing counter-rotation of the tracks.
Travel speeds (with rubber shoes)High : 0 to 4.3 km/h
Low : 0 to 2.4 km/h
Gradeability58 % (30 degree) continuous
Equipped with 0.93 m arm and 0.044 m3 (ISO 7451 capacity) bucket.
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 operating weight and ground pressure
Fuel tank19.5 L
Engine coolant2.7 L
Engine oil3.1 L
Travel device (each side)0.25 L
Hydraulic system30.0 L
Hydraulic oil tank (Reference oil level)15.7 L
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 backhoe attachment specifications
A : General digging B : Light-duty digging C : Loading
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 dimensions diagram
The illustration shows the ZX17U-2 equipped with 0.93 m arm and 230 mm rubber shoes.
The canopy and cabin conform to ROPS (ISO 3471) and OPG (Top guard) (ISO 10262, Level 1) requirements.
Unit: mm
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 dimensions
Metric measure
Notes: 1. Ratings are based on ISO 10567.
2. Lifting capacity of the ZAXIS Series does not exceed 75 % of tipping load with the machine on firm, level ground or 87 % full hydraulic capacity.
3. The load point is the centre-line of the bucket pivot mounting pin on the arm.
4. *Indicates load limited by hydraulic capacity.
5. 0 m = Ground.
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 lifting capacity diagram
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 0.93m arm lifting capacities blade above ground
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 0.93m arm lifting capacities blade on ground
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 1.13m arm lifting capacities blade above ground
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 1.13m arm lifting capacities blade on ground
Versatile excavator with adjustable width for efficient use in various applicationssmooth movement in confined spaces, as well as powerful operation in open areas
Rear end Swing Radius: 675 mm
Minimum Width: 980 mm
Powerful Engine
Compact Body with Short Rear End
The compact short rear end design allows efficient operation even in confined spaces.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 rear end swing radius
Adjustable Foot Crawler and Blade
The unit width is adjustable from 1 280 mm to 970 mm during jobs for travelling in narrow spaces, thanks to the adjustable foot crawler. Pin-detachable blade provides easier width adjustment.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 width

Powerful Operation
Three-Cylinder Engine with More Powerful and Larger Exhaust Capacity
Two different travel speeds are available: high (4.3 km/h) and low (2.4 km/h) making transport of the machine through the jobsite more efficient and smooth. A new tread pattern has been applied for the rubber shoe and operating vibration has been suppressed.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 engine
Engine rated power: 11 kW
Total piston displacement: 854 mL (cc)
Hydraulic Pilot Control Levers
Hydraulic pilot operation levers provide smooth control and easy operation.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 pilot levers
Two Travel Speeds Provided
Two different travel speeds are available, making transport of the machine through the jobsite more efficient and smooth.
Additional Counterweight (Optional)
An additional counterweight is also available for increased stability.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 additional counterweights
Additional counterweight: 80 kg

Comprehensive Durability Features
D-Shape Frame Protects The Body from Mechanical Shocks
D-shape cross section frame is attached all around the lower end of main body. This shock-proofing feature (patent pending) protects the body from unexpected shocks.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 undercarriage
Enhanced Rubber Shoe
The new tread pattern applied for the enhanced rubber shoe delivers greater durability.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 rubber tracks
Strong Boom Cylinder Cover
Ribbed and reinforced boom cylinder cover provides higher impact resistance.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 boom
Large Single Pin for Swing Post
The vertical pin of the swing post employs a large single pin for reducing backlash.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 swing pin
HN Bushing
Reliable, job-proven HN bushings are used at all pin joints at the front and the blade. The lubrication intervals have been extended to 500 hours, contributing to reduced scraping and grinding of the pins and bushings.
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 HN Bushing
Movement principle of HN bush
*Oil is shown seeping in this photograph, for purposes of illustration
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZX17u-2 Bushing oil circulation

Equipment may vary by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 standard and optional items

Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 working range diagram
The illustration shows the ZX17U-2 equipped with 0.044 m3 bucket, 0.93 m arm and 230 mm rubber shoes.
Unit: mm
Hitachi Mini Excavator - ZX17u-2 working ranges
Sizes shown in parentheses apply when the crawler and blade are contracted.

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