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Hitachi Excavators ZX65USB-5A

Hitachi ZX65USB-5A Short Rear-end Swing
Hitachi Mini Excavators - ZAXIS65USB
  • Improved productivity in confined spaces
  • Enhanced Operator Comfort
  • Enhanced Durability

Bridging the gap between Hitachi's mini excavators and mid-sized excavators is Hitachi's ZX60 Short Rear-end Swing mini excavator. Perfect for when you need that extra performance inside those tight areas.


Model CodeZX65USB-5A
Engine Rated Power34.1 kW (45.7 HP)
Operating Weight6 170 - 6 600 kg
Backhoe BucketISO Heaped : 0.24 m3
ModelYanmar 4TNV94L-ZWHB
Type4-cycle water-cooled, direct injection
No. of cylinders4
Rated power ISO 9249, net34.1 kW (45.7 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
Rated power EEC 80/1269, net34.1 kW (45.7 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
Rated power SAE J1349, net34.1 kW (45.7 HP) at 2 000 min-1 (rpm)
Maximum torque204 Nm (20.8 kgfm) at 1 000 min-1 (rpm)
Piston displacement3.053 L
Bore and stroke94 mm x 110 mm
Batteries1 x 12 V / 92 Ah
Hydraulic pumps
Main pumps1 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Main pumps Maximum oil flow1 x 144 L/min
Pilot pump1 gear pump
Pilot pump Maximum oil flow10.4 L/min
Hydraulic Motors
Travel2 variable displacement axial piston motors
Swing1 axial piston motor
Relief Valve Settings
Implement circuit24.5 MPa (250 kgf/cm2)
Swing circuit19.6 MPa (200 kgf/cm2)
Travel circuit25.7 MPa (262 kgf/cm2)
Pilot circuit3.9 MPa (40 kgf/cm2)
Hydraulic Cylinders
Revolving Frame
D-section frame for resistance to deformation.
Swing Device
Axial piston motor with planetary reduction gear is bathed in oil. Swing circle is single-row. Swing parking brake is spring-set/hydraulic-released disc type.
Swing speed9.5 min-1 (rpm)
Swing torque11.0 kNm (1 120 kgfm)
Operator's Cab
Independent spacious cab, 1 050 mm wide by 1 610 mm high, conforming to ISO* Standards. Reinforced glass windows on 4 sides for visibility. Front windows (upper and lower) can be opened. Reclining seat.
* International Organization for Standarization

Tractor-type undercarriage. Welded track frame using selected materials. Side frame welded to track frame.
Numbers of Rollers on Each Side
Upper roller1
Lower rollers4
Travel Device
Each track driven by 2-speed axial piston motor. Parking brake is spring-set/hydraulic-released disc type. Automatic transmission system: High-Low.
Travel speedsHigh : 0 to 4.8 km/h
Low : 0 to 2.9 km/h
Maximum traction force39.8 kN (4 060 kgf)
Gradeability58 % (30 degree) continuous
Fuel tank120.0 L
Engine coolant7.4 L
Engine oil11.2 L
Travel device (each side)0.9 L
Hydraulic system108.0 L
Hydraulic oil tank60.0 L
Operating Weight and Ground Pressure
Including 0.24 m3 (ISO heaped), bucket weight (146 kg).
* Including 0.24 m3 (ISO heaped), bucket weight (146 kg), additional counterweight (270 kg).
Unit: mm
* Excluding track shoe lug Data in ( ) are dimensions of additional counterweight.
Notes: 1. Ratings are based on ISO 10567.
2. Lifting capacity does not exceed 75% of tipping load with the machine on firm, level ground or 87% full hydraulic capacity.
3. The load point is the center-line of the bucket pivot mounting pin on the arm.
4. *Indicates load limited by hydraulic capacity.
5. 0 m = Ground.
For lifting capacities, subtract bucket and quick hitch weight from lifting capacities without bucket.
ZX65USB-5A, Blade above Ground
ZX65USB-5A, Blade on Ground
ZX65USB-5A, Blade above Ground
ZX65USB-5A, Blade on Ground
Agility Stands for Efficiency
Swift Actions in Narrow Work Place
Short rear-end swing design allows for safe, confident operation in tight work areas.
Shown equipped with 1.85 m arm, extra piping, and pre-cleaner.
Excellent Controllability
The Hitachi pilot control system is impressive. Its pilot lever provides excellent fine control and low-effort handling to reduce operator fatigue. It is ergonomically positioned for easy operation. The HHH (Hitachi High-performance Hydraulic) system allows for smooth operation by lever control regardless of the load. The multi-monitor allows selection of ECO and PWR modes to control the motion speed. With the engine control dial, you can also adjust engine speed with ease. The auto speed change system shifts down travel speed when the load exceeds a certain limit (for instance, when going downhill), and shifts up when the load is less.
Reduced Fuel Consumption
A new engine has an electronic governor that is a clue to low fuel consumption. With an electronic accelerator, you can achieve precision engine control for fuel economy. To conserve fuel, select ECO mode, and to get more power, select PWR mode. In short, you can choose an optimum mode according to job needs.
The Auto Idle helps save fuel consumption, too. When moving the control lever to neutral, the Auto Idle automatically reduces engine speed to idling level four seconds later, reducing fuel consumption.
Standard and optional equipment may vary by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.
* Hitachi Construction Machinery cannot be held liable for theft, any system will just minimize the risk of theft.
Unit: mm
Excluding track shoe lug.
Unit: mm
Excluding track shoe lug.

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