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Forton Lovol Excavators FR330

Forton Lovol excavator FR330
Main Features
1. Isuzu high power engine imported with original packaging achieves the lowest fuel consumption among excavators of the same tonnage. The rated power is 18. 4. Kw;
2. New technology is adopted in the hydraulic system, which can minimize the loss in the energy conversion process and improve the utilization rate of fuel oil;
3. Enhanced working device design, adopting cast-weld structure of low welding stress, excellent effect of absorbing vibration and high strength;
4. All parameters of the excavator are improved compared with excavators of the same tonnage. Durability, reliability and convenience of maintaining are enhanced to show excellent working performance. The excavator is a product paying attention to both working conditions and environmental protection.

Technical parameters

Main Parameters
Operation Weight (Standard Configuration) (KN) 33600
Standard Bucket Capacity 1.4
Transport Dimensionsmm 11234*3205*3343
Bucket Digging Force (KN) 227
Bucket Rob Digging Force (KN) 214
Maximum Traction (KN) 262
High-low Speed (Km/h) 5.5/3.3
Climbing Performance(°) 30
Total Length of the Crawler 4620
Tail Turning Radius (mm) 3410
Width of the Crawler 600
Ground Pressure (Kpa) 59.6
Turning Mechanism
Turning Speed (rpm) 12.2
Model A-6HK1XQP Isuzu AA-6HK1XQP
Form Four Strokes, Water-cooling, Straight, Turbocharger, Inter Cooling
Rated Power/Rotate Speed (KW/rpm) 181-184/2000
Rated Torque/Rotate Speed (N.m/rpm) 872.8/1700
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke (mm) 115*125
Output Value (L) 7.79
Fuel Consumption (g/KW.h) 236.6
Hydraulic System
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 586
Main Pump Pressure (Mpa) 31.4/34.3
Main Pump Flow 280*2
Operating Scope
Maximum Digging Height (mm) 10210
Maximum Dumping Height (mm) 7140
Maximum Digging Depth (mm) 7380
Maximum Digging Radius (mm) 11100

Product specifications

OptionalStandard Bucket & Rock-moving Bucket

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